Utilizing Google Calendar for School & Home

June is upon us, and planning for the next school year is in full swing.  I remember around five years ago at a previous school, when I would order a calendar book for each staff member.  Having my calendar with me at all times was important, because wherever I went in the school, I was constantly having to book appointments, change appointments or check dates.  I remember two occasions when my calendar was briefly misplaced, and the fear it caused me to think that I would have lost every parent meeting, IPRC date or other important info for the entire year.

Four years ago I decided to move everything to a Google Calendar, and Ihave never regreted that move.  I now have access to my calendar through my laptop, cell phone or iPad.  It all syncs, and if needed I can log into it from someone else’s computer if needed.

I initially started out with two main calendars; school and personal.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 1.42.12 PMIMG_2593

I now have multiple calendars:

  • Personal (shared with my wife)
  • My School Appointments (shared with the Vice Principal and secretaries)
  • Kid’s Calendar for my daughters (shared with my wife & grandparents)
  • Staff Calendar (shared with staff)
  • School Events Calendar (shared with staff, students and parents)
  • Laptop & iPad carts (shared with staff)

I also have imported calendars that are shared from the vice principal at my school and other teachers in our school to access.

It is worth the inital time to set up, as once it allows you to have all information at your fingertips anywhere you are.  Check back as I will post various tip sheets soon.


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  1. Shared calendars are a huge asset in schools, especially big ones! I remember the days of the school agenda and can’t imagine going back. We don’t even order the traditional “school logo” calendar in hopes of encouraging everyone to jump on board with technology. Thanks for sharing!

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