ᒋᑲᓇᐌᐣᒋᑳᑌᐠ ᑭᑎᔑᑹᔐᐎᓂᓈᐣ ᐊᓄᑮᐎᐣ – The Preserve Our Language Project

This week our Native Language class will be starting a Preserve Our Language Project.

Our Vision is to use technology to help us learn and retain our Native Language of Ojibway for our generation and future generations by providing a video library of adults and elders speaking their Native Languages.  We are also looking to make it easier for students and staff to type in syllabics.

To accomplish this we plan to:
  • simplify the ability to type in the Ojibway Syllabic font and later, work to see if we can add all other FNMI Syllabic fonts in Canada using Google Docs and Google Input Tools
  • create a resource archive for teachers and students to access for learning our Native Language, and other Native Languages from across Canada.
  • maintain a video archive of community partners speaking in Ojibway and other Native Languages in Canada
  • each video would also have an English translation and a transcript in English, Ojibway (or other language) in Roman Orthography and in Syllabics
Preview of the Preserve Our Language Project website.
Preview of the Preserve Our Language Project website.

Please check out our school’s Preserve Our Language Project website, YouTube Channel and Twitter feed to see some of the great things that we are doing to promote and sustain the Ojibway Language and culture for our students.

Download some of our resources and check back for more exercises and videos as we add to our archive.

Ojibway Syllabic Chart


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